Cold email

Eight Ways to Avoid Freelance Nightmares

If you find you like to be your own boss, plan your own timetable and lead your own services, you may be considering a freelance career. You’re essentially self-employed providing services that you specialise in to other businesses. If you’re unsure about how to plan your freelance work or require some help, we’ve provided some […]

Grow customers

How To Attract New Customers

A business ceases to be one if it doesn’t have customers. Overnight business successes are hard to come by. But if you approach customer acquisition like a science, it is very easy to build a steady stream of incoming visitors who then convert into leads and eventually into paying customers. Here are a few ideas […]

Cold email

How To Write The Perfect Cold Email

As much as you may hate this, cold outreach is an inevitable component of any business sales process. Between cold email and cold calling, sales representatives often consider the former to be a tad easier. This is because unlike calling, you are not met with a receptionist or a gatekeeper who keeps you away from […]

Selling business

Your Checklist For Selling A Business

As marketers responsible for growing the business of our clients, we often get asked when it is a good time to sell one. Every industry rides a wave and if you are a serial entrepreneur, you may want to liquidate your business assets when the going is good. But selling a business should not be […]


Brace Yourselves, GDPR Is Coming

By May 2018, the UK will be moving towards a new data protection regulation called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR will dramatically change the way businesses engage with customers and deal with data. As business owners and marketers, there are a lot of pointers to keep in mind while designing your new processes. […]