Business Planning For The Holidays

Winter is coming, and the holiday season is upon us very soon. As a business, this is either the busiest time of the year, or one when you go into hibernation mode. But networking never stops and this is also a good time to connect with old clients and meet new ones. Here are a few ways your business can plan for the upcoming holiday season.

Start early

As a business owner, you are obligated to make your employees and customers feel special. What better time than now to send them gifts for the holidays. But beware of the price gouging that is so rampant during this season. Prices of many gift items shoot through the roof during the holidays. Just know this – if you have not purchased gifts for your employees and customers yet, get ready to buy some really expensive pens. Lesson learnt. For the next season, start planning much in advance. A good time to start shopping for employee gifts is around June-July.

Personalize your gifts

Are you really getting that expensive pen for your employees? It better be darn good. Nobody likes a gift that is purchased in bulk and delivered like in a clearance sale. Gifting during the holidays is not just to mark this item off your holiday checklist, but to actually make your employees feel special and cared for. Find out what your employees like and buy them personalized gifts that they will truly love and cherish. Bear in mind that the value of the item is not on its price tag but what the gift means to your employee or customer.

Plan your workers

The holidays are a time of intense activity for many retail businesses. But it is also the time of the year when absenteeism and worker leaves are at their maximum. You will need to plan your resources extremely carefully. In fact, you should have started planning for them already. Hire temp workers and plan your wage increase or profit sharing agreement with your existing workers so that you are absolutely sure that your human resources are completely taken care of well before the deluge of shoppers arrive at your door step.

Notify your customers

Good for you if you are one of those businesses that is shutting down for the holidays. What happens to client support requests when you are out of town spending time with your family? It is extremely important that you share all the details about your shutdown and also notify your customers about the support and resources available with them during the shutdown. It is important to keep your customers happy and confident while you are away.