Eight Ways to Avoid Freelance Nightmares

If you find you like to be your own boss, plan your own timetable and lead your own services, you may be considering a freelance career. You’re essentially self-employed providing services that you specialise in to other businesses. If you’re unsure about how to plan your freelance work or require some help, we’ve provided some advice to prevent you coming across any nightmare situations along your path.

Mock up a Business Plan

Every business requires structure to meet the end goals. Having a business plan will be an integral document to help you keep on track and make sure you’re heading in the right direction. Being able to review your weekly, monthly and yearly goals will enable you to understand whether you’re ahead, behind or meeting your schedule. The plan should focus around your management of clients and any deadlines you have. If there’s any costing involved, put that on too. It can be adaptable the larger your business grows but try not to change the plan too much. You can use it to get a gist of your development.

Exhibit Your Work To Potential Suitors

You’re providing a service to a business, so they’ll want to know the quality of your work beforehand. There’s always other competitors out there they can reach out to so display what you have to offer wherever you can. Create a website, a Facebook page or any other method where you can display your skills. It goes along way with clients who have an interest.

Network on Social Media

Similar to exhibiting your work, you want to use any method possible to gain exposure. Social networks are a great way to connect with people who are familiar with your sector or may be interested in your work. Being freelance you also want to minimize costs where possible. Social networks are free platforms and can be managed easily. Being able to attract new customers should be a priority for you.

Keep On Top Of Costs

Working for yourself, you’re going to be your own boss. Having that role means you manage every aspect of the business. Being a freelancer, you’ll have busy periods and not so busy periods, so it’s good to know where your finances are at just in case you come across a quiet spell. If you’re a whizz on Microsoft Excel, the use of formulas can be really beneficial. Alternatively, there are different accounting software available to help you manage your financial affairs easily.

Get Insurance

Nothing can be worse as a freelancer then a client making a claim against you. Freelancers tend to be on the creative side, so it’s unlikely you’ll have experience in dealing with legal matters. You’ll want to keep costs low as possible, but freelancers insurance should be considered a vital investment. If someone decides to take action against you, then at least you’ll have an expert to back your corner.

Manage Your Time Well

This is one of the great advantages of being in freelance. It gives you the opportunity to manage your own timetable and work when it suits you. Make sure you set out a reasonable agenda for yourself that allows you to manage work time, social time and relaxing time. Stressing too much over work could leave you in a bad way.

Maintain Healthy Client Relationships

The more clients you work with, the better your understanding will get of which clients value your work. Being a freelancer and working on your own, you’re essentially the face and person behind the business, so you want to make sure clients remain happy. Just manage their work efficiently and meet their deadlines to a good standard, and you should be okay.

Always Remember Why You’re Freelancing

In any business experience, you’re bound to come across dark days where it’s all just a bit too much and you feel like packing it in. But remember why you’re doing the work in the first place. It’s something that you enjoy and have a passion for, and you’re doing it in a way that suits you. Never give up!

Author Bio: My name is Jennifer Ranking and I’m a student and freelance writer. I’m currently building up my portfolio and write on various topics as I enjoy expanding my knowledge. When I’m not writing I enjoy reading and shopping.