How To Attract New Customers

A business ceases to be one if it doesn’t have customers. Overnight business successes are hard to come by. But if you approach customer acquisition like a science, it is very easy to build a steady stream of incoming visitors who then convert into leads and eventually into paying customers. Here are a few ideas to start acquiring new customers for your business.

Target the right customers

Every business has a niche set of customers who are extremely passionate about the product or service you are offering. When you are just starting your business, it is important to target these customers and bring them into your fold. Yelp did this right when they launched. The company offers a platform for customers to rate and review businesses. By encouraging regular Joes who had an impactful experience with a business to review them on the site, Yelp hit the initial traction to grow their business into what it is today.

Word of mouth marketing

No marketing strategy can bring the kind of high value customers that word of mouth marketing does. Between 2009 and 2011, Uber had acquired all of 6000 users for their chauffeur service. But these users loved the service so much that they spread the word about the business within the San Francisco circle where the company first began its operations. Word of mouth marketing does truly pay off.

Create a sense of exclusivity

There is no way your customers are going to love and stay loyal to your business if they believe you are just one of the many businesses they engage with. To build exceptionally loyal customers, it is important to make them feel exclusive. It is common knowledge that when Facebook launched, they restricted access to just the Harvard network. This strategy paid off in setting off the traction that led to what Facebook eventually came to be.


Do not underestimate the value of good packaging. Premium products need premium packaging regardless of how good the product is. Packaging does not necessarily refer to just the carton your product comes with. Airbnb discovered it very soon after they launched their business when they discovered people were not really booking stays as much as they would have liked. To fix this, they set out to take professional photographs of the rooms that were put up for lease on their website. Soon enough, visitors noticed the ‘good looking’ rooms for lease and started booking on Airbnb.


Influencer marketing is a big deal in social media marketing where businesses make use of accounts with thousands or millions of followers to write about their product to the followers. But wait, that is not what we are talking about here. When LinkedIn first launched, CEO Reed Hoffman ‘seeded’ the product in the hands of influential friends and connections – people at the top of the pyramid who were CXOs at their respective organizations. When these people sent invitations to connect with people in their organization, the recipients could not actually refuse. This set the ball rolling for what became the largest professional social networking tool in the world.